cycloA cycloplegic refraction is a procedure used to determine a person’s refractive error by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that aid in focusing the eye. Cycloplegic eye drops are used to temporarily paralyze or relax the cililary body, or focusing muscle, of the eyes.

Cycloplegic refraction is sometimes used when testing the vision of young children. Children sometimes subconsciously accommodate their eyes during an eye exam, making the results invalid.

A cycloplegic refraction is also performed as part of a laser vision correction or LASIK consultation to determine the absolute refractive error before proceeding with laser eye surgery.

Why child need cycloplegic refraction?

Because of the high level of accommodative activity found in many children, the cylinder power measured during retinoscopy without cycloplegia is frequently inaccurate. The amount of cylinder found using cycloplegic drugs is likely to be more accurate. Additional plus will be found in the spherical component of the child after using cycloplegia. And this procedure is recommended to be performed on all children under the age of three.

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