Mission – Vision Statement


Legazpi Eye Center’s mission is to provide excellent and quality eye care to Bicolanos through the service of specially trained and highly competent ophthalmologists, and with the aid of modern ophthalmic technology. We are here to take the lead in accepting the social responsibility of making the best eye care services available for the poor and the less fortunate. We, likewise, wish to pursue greater knowledge in the science and practice of ophthalmology through research and continuing medical education.


The Legazpi Eye Center, through its dedicated service of providing quality eye care service, envisions a brighter future for all sectors of the Bicolano society. The center will continue to be at the forefront by updating itself with the latest knowledge and technology in ophthalmology. The institution aims to become the region’s referral center for ophthalmologic care as it leads the way for the preservation of sight and improving the quality of life.